“Cha” – Tea

When I was in Beijing I met a woman who told me she had been drinking a combination of Goji berries, Chrysanthemum, Chinese Red Dates, and dried lemon (for flavor) for the last six months. A famous doctor recommended this to stay healthy and young.

It’s technically not tea, but it’s a warm drink in the morning. These are all common ingredients used in┬áTraditional Chinese Medicine

TCM is based on the concept of Qi and the theory of yin (cool) and yang (hot); harmony brings health and disharmony leads to illnesses. This is applied to health, diet, exercise, personal relationships, how we handle stress, and our environment. We must adapt to any imbalances.

It’s said, if you have an imbalance of “hot” they will prescribe you “cooling” medicines. There is a laundry list of heating and cooling ingredients, but Chrysanthemum is a cooling agent.